[Photo: Dave Katz]

I'm a fan of all cookie dough ice creams—the cookie dough-ier, the better. The only problem with that flavor, though, is that there's nothing cookie dough-like about the ice cream. It's just little blobs suspended in vanilla. And of course I always find myself mining for those little nuggets first, and am then left with a melty, cratered scoop of vanilla ice cream that really doesn't interest me all that much.

What do I love so much about Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk? The whole thing tastes like an oatmeal cookie, not just the little bits embedded in it.

The base isn't cookie-flavored, per se; it's a "cinnamon sweet cream." But said cream tastes an awful lot like milk would, if you let an oatmeal cookie fall apart in it. And the ample clumps of softened "cookie" tend to crumble and distribute themselves throughout the whole scoop. So rather than ice-cream-with-cookie, it really is a cookie ice cream.

It got me thinking that a well-integrated chocolate chip cookie ice cream, where the base really tasted like the cookie, would be an awful lot more interesting than a plain old cookie dough. Now that's a project I might assign to Mr. Scooped...


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