[Photograph: Stacy Newgent]

It used to be that we cranked up the ovens in our kitchen only during the cold-weather months that comprised our "Bake Shop" season. That was when we churned out ice creams laden with cakes and cookies and gooey goodness—treats that hit that sweet and savory spot.

One of the things people instantly fell in love with was the Oatmeal Cream Sandwich. It's like the classic oatmeal cream pie, but ramped up with chewy homemade oatmeal-molasses cookies and handmade Ugandan Vanilla Bean ice cream (made with fair-trade vanilla from the wonderful Ndali Estate).

These days we never turn off the ovens or are too far away from the ingredients for this sandwich. It's simple, instantly gratifying, and travels well in your iced-down cooler.

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