Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Considering the Supermarket S'more

[Photographs: Dave Katz unless otherwise noted]

S'mores were a rare treat when I was a kid. I mean in order to make them you need an actual fire, and for most of us that just doesn't happen everyday. Luckily my parents kept good snacks in the pantry so there was no shortage of s'more-flavored Chewy Bars and Pop Tarts. These were some of the prized pantry items of my childhood, but I naturally outgrew them and, I'll admit, kind of forgot about them.

When we tried the new s'more-flavored Jello Pudding at Serious Eats Headquarters last week, it all came back to me. We started wondering how we might feel about those childhood snacks now. Do they actually taste like s'mores? Does it matter? We decided to investigate, tasting and considering the various ways of looking at a s'more.


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