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How to Make Rummy Bears and Other Drunken Gummies

[Photographs: Dave Katz]

Do you remember hearing last year about the kids getting drunk in class on vodka-soaked Gummi Bears? It was a real problem in some schools, especially in parts of California where bear-boozled kids were sent home.

We're not endorsing this illicit activity; kids, stay in school. But if you're of age, want to eat Gummi Bears and drink alcohol at the same time, then keep reading. Bring these to a party and you'll be everyone's hero.

The technique is really simple:

Aw, how cute, boozy bears! Yes and no. As adorably innocuous as these guys look, be forewarned: they are strong. You will start feeling all giddy after a few, and eventually, they make you go a little crazy. I took these to my friend's birthday party and we all slurped them back like birthday shots. They're not quite a shot's worth each, but almost feel stronger with the sugar factor compounded by the alcohol.

Rummy Bears were just the beginning. We also mixed up Negroni Bears, Old Fashioned Bears, Aviation Bears (can't you just picture them in little aviator goggles and bomber hats with earflaps?), and more.

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