Squishing S'mOreos Forever


[Photographs and animation: Robyn Lee]

When you saw the S'mOreos in our roundup of 14 Things To Make with Oreos, did you think, "Man, if only I could watch an animated gif of a S'mOreos being squished down over and over again for eternity..."? Well, so did we. So did we.


But not content with just seeing a faceless S'mOreos being pressed into gooey cookie sandwich awesomeness, I also put a face on it. You know, to dig deeper into the S'mOreos' consciousness. To make you feel what it feels. This is how it feels:


Enjoy your S'mOreos!

About the author: Robyn Lee is the editor of A Hamburger Today and takes many of the photos for Serious Eats. She'll also doodle cute stuff when necessary. Read more from Robyn at her personal food blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything.

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