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I've never been a huge fan of Fig Newtons, now somewhat hilariously re-branded as just "Newtons"—what's wrong with figs, guys?—but I'm pretty content with the Cranberry Citrus Oat "Newtons Fruit Thins" hanging out on my desk right now. They're not quite cookies or crackers, but fit comfortably into the in-between "biscuit" genre; at least, that's what they'd be called in Britain. (It's a pretty useful term. I'd like to see more biscuits here.)


Plenty of fruit-branded oaty things taste fruit-flavored, such as those unpleasant fake apple or fake blueberry tastes that you get in Nutri-Grain bars and the like. But these have actual bits of dried cranberry in them, providing nice little bursts of tart sweetness to each slim, oaty biscuit. Despite the "whole grain!" stamped all over the package, they're not exactly health food, but they're not as sweet as most cookies, and as a nibble with a cup of tea, they're not bad at all.

Now I'm curious about their other flavors (though I'm not holding out much hope for blueberry). Anyone else tried the Fruit Thins? What do you think?

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