[Photographs: Carrie Vasios]

About a year ago, we let you know about the first of a new line of Milano cookies: the Milano Melts. Pepperidge Farm has recently expanded the line to include a Mint Chocolate Crème cookie and, being fans enough of the original, we picked up a box to find out how the new addition tastes.

First, a disclaimer: I always felt that Milano cookies were the most overrated of the cookie bunch. I would ask my mother to buy them just so I could make a trade at lunchtime. I'd get double the number of other cookies for just two Milanos. It's not that I disliked the taste, it's that I felt there wasn't enough of it. I'd take one bite, then two, waiting for the vanilla and chocolate flavors to ramp up to a level that they never actually reached.

So it was with pleasure that after all these years I can finally point to a Milano cookie that tastes enough like, well, cookie, to please this cookie monster. The outside is still a little bland but there is more of it—the plumper cookie feels more substantial and the pudgy oval shape is somehow more reminiscent of homemade.


The inside, which Drinks editor Maggie identified as "somewhere between ganache and cake frosting in texture" is packed with flavor. It tastes like a melted After Eight; pleasingly, crisply menthol. The mint lifts the ho-hum chocolate into a more flavorful realm.

My biggest complaint? I don't love how the cookie crumbles apart and the inside goops out when you take a bite. Getting a big chocolate-mint slick on my shirt isn't what I want from my supposedly elegant Milano eating experience. But the flavor is there, and of all the Milanos, these are the only ones I wouldn't trade away.


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