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One of the most recognizable hallmarks of the Linzer Torte is the lovely lattice top. But if you've ever attempted to lay on the lattice yourself, you probably know that it's not, well, the easiest thing to weave tender stripes of dough into a geometrically perfect, or even passable, pattern.

Alice Medrich, author of Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts, realizes that the Linzer Torte isn't all about the lattice. She's simplified this Austrian classic by making a rich, almond-based dough that comes together in the food processor and never once necessitates the use of a rolling pin.

This Linzer Blitz Torte is full of all of the buttery, nutty, raspberry elements that make the classic, well, a classic. But with a dough that's pressed into the pan, chilled, topped off with jam, and finished with shavings of almond dough, this is a recipe we could see ourselves making far more frequently than anything that requires lattice work.

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