Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Austin: 8 Breakfast Pastries We Love

[Photograph: Lorri Hamm]

Breakfast pastries are a special ordeal. Sugary toppings, flaky, light breads, and warm fillings all combine for a traditional but elegant start to the day.

Here in Austin there are a plethora of flavorful options for your morning pastry, ranging from food trucks to bakeries. These 8 treats run the gamut from richly sweet to lightly buttery and back again. And the best part? While breakfast pastries often feel the most extravagant to eat, they're usually a cheaper breakfast option. How's that for a sweet deal?

About the author: Lorri Hamm is a pastry graduate of the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and currently in the process of opening a macaron trailer in South Austin. When she isn't making, eating, or photographing pastries, you can find her camping with her dogs. Follow her on twitter @dingo8mybakery or visit her blog at


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