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When Sweets editor Carrie told me that Krispy Kreme was selling oatmeal, I just assumed the press release read: "We're finally putting doughnuts on top of oatmeal! Finally, guys!!" Would this actually taste good? Doughnuts too porous and will turn all soggy, you say? All valid concerns, but also beside the point. If Krispy Kreme is going to sell oatmeal, they should at least give you the option of a doughnut topping, right?

Instead, the organic oatmeal comes with your choice of three toppings in 0.75-ounce pouches: Dried Fruit Blend (cranberries, blueberries, raisins), Apple Cinnamon Medley (apple bitlets sweetened with cinnamon and sugar), and a solo Brown Sugar. Dried fruit is dried fruit, the apple medley contains itty-bitty dried apple flecks, and the brown sugar is brown sugar. None of these things are doughnuts.

They give you the option of hot water or hot milk, and that's nice of them to include milk. It gets poured up to the designated pour-line on the cup, only filling it about halfway. It makes you feel a little robbed, but yeah, fine, portion control. This is your average insta-oatmeal texture—a little smooth and soupy, but not as egregiously slimy as what they're serving over at McDonald's.

I have a hard time getting mad at any chain that decides to serve oatmeal (they mean well, I really believe they do) but if you are a doughnut chain that doesn't recognize that doughnut oatmeal could be a thing, then we have license to be a little frustrated. Maybe it's best to take matters into our own hands and order a doughnut on the side to plop on top. Conveniently that extra volume in the cup could perfectly fit a doughnut.

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