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Joy Wilson, author of Joy the Baker Cookbook, is a single gal, and being single means lots of time spent speculating about Mr. Right. She describes her Extra Crumb Coffee Cake as "the perfect husband. It has the perfect balance of substance and sweet tenderness. The filling brings in just a bit of spice. A little romance (or chocolate) never hurt anyone either, right? The topping is full of extra heart-melting goodness." Pretty sweet, don't you think?

Well, with an intro like that, this was one recipe that we had to try out for ourselves, and see if, in fact, coffee cake romance was possible. As it turns out, this coffee cake is easy to fall in love with—the tender crumbed cake is run through with stripes of cinnamon, cocoa, and nutmeg, and topped off with a hefty layer of crunchy-crumbly topping. It's delicious in a way that coffee cake should be, uncomplicated and easy to love, kind of like the perfect mate.

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