[Photograph: Joshua Cogan]

Whether you're breaking out the Bisquick or mixing up your own batch of blueberry buttermilks, pancakes are always a crowd pleaser. And said pancake crowd will be even more pleased if you're serving them up a batch of these Coconut Milk Flapjacks from Warren Brown's CakeLove in the Morning.

Full of tropical flavors like coconut and banana, these pancakes are also made with a slew of get-up-and-get-going healthy ingredients like whole wheat and buckwheat flours and rolled oats. A sprinkle of allspice, a little syrup, a little butter, or maybe some jam, and these Coconut Milk Flapjacks make for a sunny start to the morning.

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As always with our Bake the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of 'CakeLove in the Morning' to give away.


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