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Buttery might just be the number one most popular descriptor for the avocado. And that butteriness might very well be the inspiration behind Joy Wilson's Avocado Pound Cake from Joy the Baker Cookbook. Sure, the concept might sound a little wild—but if you've ever enjoyed a pale green avocado shake or creamy scoop of avocado ice cream, you can probably attest to the deliciousness of the avocado when worked into a dessert.

This recipe works a few mashed avocados into a pound cake recipe and adds a bit of cornmeal for texture. It bakes up just barely green, crisp on the edges, tender within, with just a bit of crunchy bite from the cornmeal. The avocado comes through in a mellow way, meshing with the pound cake in a way that's intriguing but not at all over the top. We'd love to see this Avocado Pound Cake served with a scoop of avocado ice cream for the ultimate avocado dessert experience.

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