[Photographs: Carrie Vasios]

Since moving from New York City to San Francisco, there have been a series of little adjustments in my life. Like suddenly living in a city without a Krispy Kreme. Sure, we have lots of awesome replacements, but as a kid who grew up bringing a box of hot, glazed Krispy Kremes into homeroom, it was a little sad to hear.

Apparently all is not lost. I just learned that Krispy Kreme sells various products in grocery stores across the country. In the old days, when a hot-off-the-conveyor-belt, smooshy glazed ring was always close at hand, I wouldn't have given these a second look. But given my sudden appearance in a Krispy Kreme desert, I was game to try the new Glazed Lemon Pie.

The first sweet in a two-part limited time pie release (the other is peach, coming in June), this hand held pie is more like a fruit pocket or rectangular jelly doughnut than a pie. But that's a good thing. For one, the glaze is exactly like the original glazed doughnut topping: lightly cracking, sweet, and rich. The flavor really took me back. The interior of the "pie" is a not-insubstantial amount of lemon curd-ish filling. To put it another way, this pie is filled with the slightly runny, slightly tart, slightly artificial-tasting lemon filling of a lemon-filled doughnut.


As with Krispy Kreme's new oatmeal, I have to wonder, why are they shying away from the doughnuts? I like that this pie tastes like a doughnut, why not call it one?

Has anyone else tried this new pie? Would you rather buy an individual "doughnut" or "pie" from the grocery store?


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