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Ever heard of Ole Oles? What about Double Dutches or Juliettes? They're just three members of the DGSCC (Discontinued Girl Scout Cookie Club)—a list which includes dozens of cookies.

In the hearts of those who loved them, there are no replacements for these defunct cookies. Though lemon lovers may like the current Lemonades or Savannah Smiles, they are no substitute for the cinnamon sandwich cookie with a lemon creme filling: Lemon Chalet Cremes. And fans of jam find that there is no replacement for Iced Berry Pinatas, a round sugar cookie with a berry jam center and icing drizzled on top.

Personally a look over the DGSCC makes me a little jealous. Aloha Chips were white chocolate-macadamia cookies. Oxfords were bootleg Oreos. Kookaburras had chewy rice crispies, caramel, and chocolate. I mean they even had a savory cookie, the Golden Yangle. Where has all the creativity gone?

Do you remember Daisy Go Rounds (cinnamon cookies) or Forget-Me-Nots (made with granola!) Do you still crave Cinna-Spins? Tell us, what's your favorite discontinued Girl Scout Cookie?


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