Maple Bacon S'mores. [Photograph: Kitchen Konfidence]

Over the past month, we've been doing our own version of March Madness with the help of Shauna Sever, author of the complete guide to homemade marshmallow making, Marshmallow Madness. It's been a wild ride with a staggering number of inspired mallow recipes, but now it's time for this year's competition to come to a close. We're pleased to have Shauna Sever here to put an end to the sweet suspense and announce the big winner (spoiler: there's bacon involved). Take it away, Shauna!

"Well, first things first: you people blew my dang mind with all your creativity, flavor pairings, and general mallow love. Big thanks also go to all of you for agreeing to participate, spreading the word about the book, and giving awesome examples of ways to riff on the recipes! But in the end, after lots of deliberation and generally thinking about which marshmallowy creations I felt I needed to put in my face upon seeing them, I have to go with Kitchen Konfidence's drool-worthy Maple Bacon S'mores. Congrats, Brandon!

And now that I've made a choice even more difficult than choosing a favorite among my own recipes in the book, I need a stiff drink and a nap. Thanks again to all of you amazingly talented bloggers!"

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Week One
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Week Three
Week Four


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