Bake the Book: Chocolate-Filled Vanilla Marshmallows


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Marshmallows are magical. That squishy, bouncy texture, the lightness, the air of fun that they exude—they're the kind of candy that brings out the inner kid in pretty much everyone. But when you figure out that you can make them yourself they become all the more magical.

These Chocolate-Filled Vanilla Marshmallows from Shauna Sever's Marshmallow Madness is the perfect way to ease into the wonderful (and not all that difficult) world of marshmallow making. The recipe is three in one: Classic Vanilla Marshmallows, powdery coating, and a creamy chocolate ganache filling.

It's about as simple as whipping up a batch of meringue, but the results are far more thrilling. All you really need to do is bloom the gelatin, boil a sugar syrup, combine the two in a stand mixer, and mix until you're left with marshmallow fluff.

Once your base is made you can add all sort of flavors and colors. In this case the base is scooped into a piping bag, piped into mini-muffin tins, dotted with chocolate ganache, finished off with more fluff, and dusted with a coating of confectioners' sugar and cornstarch to curb the stickiness. Impressive? Totally. Difficult? Not too much. But delicious and so much fun.

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