If you look across cultures, there are countless ways to serve up fried dough, from honey-soaked Greek loukoumades to jelly-filled Polish pączki and everything in between.

Even here in the States there's impressive variety. I grew up thinking that all stick shaped doughnuts were crullers, but the Serious Eats Doughnut Style Guide introduced me to the "Long John," a yeast-raised, frosted, bar-shaped doughnut that has become a popular vector for breakfast time bacon consumption.

Over the past few years as bacon has infiltrated countless dishes, maple bacon doughnuts have grown in popularity from Portland, Oregon to Louisville, Kentucky. Crispy on the outside yet pillowy soft on the inside, the powerful sweetness of the maple glaze on these doughnuts is balanced by the salty, smokiness of the bacon. For those who love mingling their syrup-soaked pancakes with bites of bacon, the effect is similar, yet portable and perfect for an indulgent breakfast or snack on the go.

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