[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

My favorite section at Japanese supermarket Mitsuwa is the candy and snack section. Because...well, it's the candy and snack section. And my favorite part within this section: the Pocky shelves, where new flavors of Japan's most iconic chocolate-coated biscuit stick snack are guaranteed to come and go once every few months.


The newest flavor on my last visit was Milk Chocolate Salty featuring a salt-speckled milk chocolate coating. It does what it says on the tin: It tastes slightly salty. Eating it side-by-side with regular Pocky, there's no question that Salty tastes better; salt helps amp up the flavor of the chocolate. Next to Salty, regular Pocky just tastes bland. As for the sodium difference, according to the nutrition facts on the box, in a 40 gram serving, regular Pocky has 85 mg of sodium, while Salty Pocky has 116 mg of sodium.

I don't know how limited Milk Chocolate Salty is, but I might hoard a few boxes to be safe.

Is anyone else a fan of salty Pocky?

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