[Photograph: Alice Gao]

Perhaps you're hosting a Halloween party, and you've focused so much on your costume (or your dog's costume) that you don't have time to fuss with food. You'd love to have seasonally-appropriate baked goods, but you threw out your pumpkin-shaped cake tin in a fit of ruthless kitchen reorganization? No worries—Cranberry Island Kitchen in Portland, Maine has your autumn whoopie pies ready to go.

There are bats with a subtle cocoa flavor and sweet vanilla filling, and adorable chubby pumpkins with a range of filling options. The espresso cream cheese filling is our favorite, a little less sweet than the classic vanilla. (The maple icing is really for those with a serious sweet tooth only.)

Thinking ahead to Thanksgiving? There are little turkey whoopie pies, too.

Cranberry Island Kitchen, available at online and at these stores in the Northeast.

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