Frightfully good. [Photograph: María del Mar Sacasa]

According to the MoonPie (The Original Marshmallow Snack) website, the graham cracker-marshmallow sandwich covered with chocolate has a long history. Its cradle first rocked at Chattanooga Bakery (founded in 1902 as a subsidiary of the Mountain City Milling Company) in 1917, though its birth certificate (or trademark, in official speak) wasn't registered until New Year's Day 1919.

The story relates how Mr. Earl Mitchell, Sr., a bakery salesman hawked his goods at a store patronized by hungry coal miners craving a filling snack about "this size!" (they mimed, framing the moon). Mr. Mitchell returned to the coal miners bearing the MoonPie (allegedly, he noticed bakery workers dipping graham cookies into marshmallows, which planted the seed for the sandwich cookie).

In the 1930s the MoonPie was heralded as a "working man's lunch," with hungry laborers substituting lunch with what was the biggest snack for sale. The MoonPie's background is lengthy and inspiring (did you know that the company started sending MoonPies to troops stationed overseas during World War II and continues the tradition today?) and, my cake-addled brain couldn't resist imagining it as a cake.

Instead of graham cookies, there is graham flour-based cake of course, flavored with honey and made ultra-moist with dark brown sugar. I took certain liberties with the assembly and chocolate coating, looking for an oozing drip of dark-as-night chocolate against the ghostly white marshmallow frosting (which you can also find padding the two cake layers that lie within) to better costume my custom MoonPie for Halloween. A few tricks here and there for a really good "this size!" treat.

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About the author: María del Mar Sacasa is a recipe developer, food stylist, and author of the food blog High Heels & Frijoles. Behind her girly façade lurks a truck driver's appetite. Read about her cravings and suffer through her occasional rants on Twitter @HHandFrijoles.


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