[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

I'd love to reminisce about the old days when I was a lil' whippersnapper eating all the sour Skittles I could get my sugar-seeking hands on, but that would be a lie. True, Sour Skittles entered the candy market in 2000, but being behind the times I didn't know about their existence until pretty recently. But worry not, because I have since forged enough memories with these sour, chewy little buttons to last a lifetime!

For me, the best thing about Sour Skittles is that they aren't even that sour! Nowhere near the pucker-level of Sour Patch Kids or Warheads, unless you decide to suck the sugar off the outside and not eat the candy. But who wants to do that? Weirdo.

Instead, if you bite into a handful of these candies you'll get a nice fizzy, sparkly feeling and flavor, in addition to the fruitiness. Which fruits exactly? I don't think I could pick a favorite flavor—it's been my understanding that you have to taste the whole rainbow.


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