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Let's talk about Reese's Cups, the most iconic of chocolate/peanut butter combos. I love them with a desperate passion and think I can comfortably say these are one of the most beloved candy bars of all time. Now let's talk about Kit Kats. Everyone loves those crispy, irresistible little bars that you eat layer by layer or crunch away at all at once. And now let's talk about a combination of the two. Add in the enviable 2-bar format of Twix and you have Reese's Sticks, the perfect candy bar.

Bold claim, you say? You take one bite of that crispy wafer covered in velvety milk chocolate and layered with the oh-so-distinctive taste of Reese's peanut butter and get back to me. I'll never forget the first time my young self spied this new addition on the shelves. I could hardly believe such a magical thing existed. I've never really been much of a "candy bar person." I'd buy the occasional pack of M&M's or Tootsie Pop but I never had much of an interest in the commitment of something like a caramel-laden Snickers. But after the discovery of Reese's Sticks, I entered a phase of my young tween life where I was actively buying and consuming entire packages of Reese's Sticks at any given hour of the day.

As a side note, the endless iterations of Reese's these days kind of makes your head spin. Varieties range from dark chocolate and white chocolate covered, marshmallow caramel and banana crème (ew) filled, and all sorts of other characters like inside out, mini sized, crispy crunchy, Fast Breaks, Whipps, and more. Good grief, what ever happened to the simple pleasures of our classic Reese's? I mean, I'm all for variety, but candy bars these days seem to be blending into each other, making the decision making process nearly impossible.

I like to think Reese's Sticks are outside this madness. They were introduced back in 1999 before most of the rest, and still maintain the integrity of the original while adding that necessary texture.

It's the simple but extraordinary equation of Reese's + Kit Kats = Reese's Sticks (+ me = love). Which Reese's variation is your favorite? Are you classic all the way? Any other Reese's Sticks lovers out there?


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