Editor's note: Every weekday in October, the Serious Eats editors and staff will chat about a candy they loved as kids (or love today). Artificial colors encouraged, no organic chocolate allowed.


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

I never was wild about Peanut M&M's—they were too savory and dry, nut-filled in a way that didn't feel like candy. But Peanut Butter M&M's are as sweet as can be, filled with buttery, creamy peanut-butter that's almost more icing than nut paste. These aren't anemic Reeses Pieces; they're chubby little guys with a generous amount of stuffing. I've always loved seeing how long I could let the outer coating dissolve on my tongue, resisting biting in as the candy fades from smooth to sandpapery to smooth again, and the creamy peanut butter interior is a better reward for my patience than plain old waxy chocolate.

Have you ever wondered about the proportions of different colors in a pack of M&M's? Apparently this guy did, and ran an analysis on how often each color showed up. I'm always hoping for a few more greens—do you have a favorite color of M&M?


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