Candy a Day: Whoppers

[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

I grew up in a heavily sugar-regimented household, where candy was only allowed at special occasions, movie outings, and every kid's favorite holiday, Halloween. Thus, the fleeting sugar highs of my childhood were major occasions, and I still remember the first time I had Whoppers. On a whim, I decided at the movie theater concession stand to cheat on my tried and true favorite, Sour Patch Kids, in favor of the malty miracles that are Whoppers.

Their perfect balance between malty crisp and subtle milk chocolate shell won over my prepubescent heart. Their adorable, miniature size held promises of more candy per box, and the exhilarating consequences of a major sugar overload. It was inevitable that my defection would lead to lifetime affair, and with each crunchy bite, the hold that Sour Patch Kids held on my heart grew looser and looser. I was never swayed by the various iterations of Whoppers I later encountered, from unnaturally pink strawberry milkshake flavored, to the disappointing highly anticipated Reese's peanut butter version. I went classic malt.

Sadly, the years have faded some of Whoppers' allure. Truth be told, the chocolate shell is a bit waxy and artificial tasting. But this candy will always be marked in my memory as the ultimate transitional candy: the one that bridged the divide between childhood's sour sweets and adulthood's more sophisticated chocolate treats.

Are you a Whoppers fan?

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