[Photograph: Caroline Russock]

CakeSpy, also known as Jessie Oleson, has a knack for sweet-ifying even the most savory—like this Grilled Cheesecake, where white bread is swapped out for pound cake and cheese comes in the form of cheesecake. And just like toasting bread with a little bit of butter makes for tasty toast, slices of pound cake crisped in butter make the cake that much better.

The cheesecake here isn't going to give you the same stringy, gooeyness of American, but when warmed though with the slices of cake it reverts back to its cream cheese roots, getting all soft and creamy. And if a grilled cheese, albeit a sweet one, just isn't the same without a bowl of soup, Jessie recommends serving up this one with a bowl of slightly melty strawberry ice cream.

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