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If you were to come across me in the farmer's market at this time of year, you might avoid eye contact and keep on walking. You see, I become a bit of a nut. As the days get shorter my anxiety increases, eventually spiraling into full blown panic. The summer vegetable season is ending! Run! And thus each trip to the farmer's market becomes a free-for-all, a chaotic whirlwind in which I'm knocking over old ladies to get at the tomatoes and wrestling the last of the eggplant from unsuspecting children.

The result of these shopping trips is an excess of produce to the tenth degree. After I triumphantly return home with my five pounds of zucchini and moon around for a while, congratulating myself on making the most of the season, I inevitably come to the realization that I may have bought too much food.

That's when vegetable bread baking begins, with zucchini bread as the star. This version is well spiced and moist, my two major requirements for quick breads. And if, like me, you find yourself with an excess of zucchini bread, it makes an excellent gift. Especially for friends who saw you make a spectacle of yourself the day before.

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Zucchini Bread ยป


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