Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Share Your Sweets: Apple Desserts

Apple pie may be the classic, but Serious Eaters showed all sorts of creativity in their apple confections this week. You sent us your apple cakes and apple crumb tarts, "Rose Tea Applesauce" and "Sour Cream-Apple Pie with Lemon-Cardamom Streusel." (Yum!) Check out the slideshow for all your gorgeous apple desserts!

Next Week

One of our favorite fall flavors is ginger, a perfect partner for so many autumn ingredients. And it goes way beyond gingerbread: here's a roundup of other ginger goodies we've loved, from ice cream to cobbler to pear-ginger cake. Send us photos of your homemade creations by Tuesday, October 4, and we'll feature them on Thursday, October 6.

If you're new to Share Your Sweets, take a peep at the rules here. A few notes: we can only take one submission per person, so pick your favorite (or the most recent shot) and send it in. Also, Share Your Sweets is just for the folks at home; no pros or companies! If you want to really impress us, size your photo so it's 400 pixels tall.

See you next Thursday!


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