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At Serious Eats, we're certainly not above our lowbrow pleasures, whether McDonald's fries or Rice Krispies Treats cereal or pies made with Saltines and condensed milk. So I'm hoping this is a safe place to confess that I'm a fan of fried Oreos.

Good fried Oreos, that is, fresh from the fryer. There's a precise point when all the elements meld perfectly: the cream filling melts but doesn't totally liquify; the cookie softens but doesn't fall apart completely, so there's a light, almost cakelike layer of chocolate with just the faintest crunch. And then there's the fry, essentially a funnel cake batter, but at its best light and spongy, with a crisp, golden exterior.

Sure, there are all sorts of ways they can go wrong—they can be greasy or under-fried or cold, with gummy or dry batter, with an Oreo that falls apart completely or doesn't change at all. They can taste like stale oil or nothing but powdered sugar. But I still think that a good fried Oreo is a very tasty thing.

Anyone with me? No one else in our office seems to get as excited about the things as I do.

About the author: Carey Jones is the Editor of Serious Eats New York and co-editor of Serious Eats: Sweets. Follow her on Twitter (@careyjones).


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