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Red bean ice cream is a staple of the Asian dessert freezer—the combination of soft, sweet beans with cream, sugar, and sub-zero temperature is delicious, and makes fast converts of even people more accustomed to eating beans in savory rather than sweet form.

In this recipe, I've adapted the red bean model to a Central American context, using black beans instead of red, and flavoring with cinnamon, piloncillo, and a splash of dark rum.

The ice cream is dark and rich, with a delicious bitterness from the piloncillo, an unrefined sugar, and a beautiful dark color from the beans. Another testament to the very happy marriage of beans, sugar, and cream.

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About the author: Ethan Frisch is the chef and co-mastermind behind Guerrilla Ice Cream. He's traveled around the world (30 countries, 5 continents) and worked as a pastry chef and line cook in some of NYC's great (and not so great) restaurants. He currently lives in London, where he really misses New York City tap water.

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