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There are all sorts of ways to incorporate the delicate flavors of tea into sweets, but matcha, (finely powdered Japanese green tea) is one of the easiest and most exciting, due to both purity of flavor and a radiant leaf-green color. Its easily dissolvable nature is ideal for making batches of green tea ice cream, springy tea cakes, and these Green Tea Cookies from Stacy Adimando's The Cookiepedia.

Aside from being an absolute joy to behold (seriously, shell out an extra buck or two for a leaf-shaped cookie cutter), they are a perfectly buttery shortbread made even more delicate by swapping out confectioners' sugar for the usual granulated.

With proper chilling the cookie dough is remarkably forgiving and easy to roll out, making for little cookies that are easy to punch out, dip in a bit of sugar, and transfer to the baking sheets without having to worry about breakage. Once baked, these little leaves balance the buttery, sugar qualities of shortbread with the lightly bitter, tannic flavors of green tea. And as far as pairing goes, you can go with the obvious and enjoy a few with a steaming mug of green tea or go unexpected by serving them with a glass of sherry.

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Green Tea Cookies ยป

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