5 Chocolate Treats That Are Not For Eating


It's gettin hot in herrrre. [Photo: jelene on Flickr]

High summer is not exactly high season for chocolate; heat tends to, you know, ruin it; and steamy days and nights don't necessarily put anyone in the mood for something rich and creamy. There are also (I know, I was surprised too) some people in the world who don't love eating chocolate anyway. So here are some of my favorite non-edible chocolate treats.

Chocolate Perfume

20110803chocolateperfume.jpgI received a little rollerball vial of some chocolate-scented fragrance oil as a gift a few years back. I'm not really a perfume gal, but I have to say—this smelled pretty awesome. Not exactly like a chocolate bar, but a nice chocolatey scent all the same. I think if you're going to go the "I-want-to-smell-delicious" route, there are many worse ways to go. Available online.

Cocoa Butter

For anyone who has to deal with itchy dry skin, cocoa butter is the best. The best part about it, to me, is the scent: its smells like chocolate! Like real chocolate, not an approximation. (As long as you don't get the deodorized kind—because, really, why would you?) It's fairly easy to come by online, and a little goes a long way...plus you know it doesn't involve any weird, unpronounceable ingredients. And yes, it's technically edible; but it doesn't taste great.

Cacao Leaf Gift Boxes

Gail Ambrosius puts her Paris Pralines in boxes made from cacao leaves; but the contents don't have to be chocolate. Nashville Wraps sells these gorgeous boxes that are great for jewelry and other gifts that don't melt in the sun. Plus, they're made by a really cool company called Distant Village—check 'em out. Available online


The Chocolator

I received one of these as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago, and I must admit that I love it. First of all, I'm a big fan of portmanteaus (NERD ALERT), so the name had me right off the bat. Then, because it's packaged like a bar of chocolate with the foil and the paper over it, I was further charmed. And the little buttons look like part of the molded chocolate bar! The real kicker? It's scented. I know. Calm down. Available online

Speaking of artificial chocolate scent...

Mr. Sketch Pens

I know you remember these. Now, before anyone jumps all over this, I KNOW that the brown marker is "Cinnamon." But, having drawn many a tree, horse, and house with the brown and black markers, I still maintain that the combination of the two smells like chocolate. Well, I guess as much as the red marker smells like a "cherry," anyhow. I propose a "recipe" chart like Jelly Belly has. Anyone else have a good Mr. Sketch recipe? Available online

What are your favorite non-edible chocolate-scented treats?

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