In a bizarre moment of food telepathy, at the same time that SE editor Erin was trying to recreate a thick, salted oatmeal cookie that's appropriately sold under the name Salty Oats, I was in my own kitchen attempting the very same thing. It could be that we're food soul-mates, or it could be that those cookies are just really, really good. A final explanation might be that a deep love for oatmeal seems to be a prerequisite for working at Serious Eats.

I first encountered these cookies in Cape Cod, where a big, salty-sweet treat was just the right thing after the beach. Yet as hard as I tried, I couldn't get my cookies to be as thick or oaty as the ones I bought. Never one to give up on a cookie, I kept at it until I settled on this version. The trick to their height is rolling them into big balls instead of just flinging them down on the sheet, and then letting them chill overnight in the fridge. The final cookies are buttery and extra oaty, and the sprinkling of fleur de sel is an unexpected lip-smacking delight.

And OK, when I see salt in a cookie, I want to add chocolate. So I did, in the form of milk chocolate chips. But if chocolate seems overkill, fear not, these would be equally delicious without.

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Salted Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Raisin Cookies ยป


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