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Any cake can be transformed into a birthday cake with a round of "Happy Birthday to You" and a box of colorful candles, but nothing says birthday quite like a layered and frosted yellow cake. This recipe for the birthday classic from Joanne Chang's Flour refines the original ever so slightly, making for a cake that looks the part but tastes truly memorable.

Chang's birthday cake makeover includes pouring a cup of buttermilk into the yellow cake batter, a simple step that keeps the cake moist and tender and gives it a slight tang. Instead of a run-of-the-mill buttercream, Chang opts for a chocolate ganache frosting, one that's creamy and plenty chocolaty. Unlike other chocolate frostings which tend to veer into toothache territory, this one tastes of butter, good chocolate, and salt, keeping the over-sweetness at bay. Oh, and please feel free to ignore the fact that it's meant for birthdays—there's no need to relegate a cake this good to once a year occasions.

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