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Just prior to opening Flour in 2000, Joanne Chang was featured in the Boston Globe for a story all about cookies, and it was a giant photo of these Black Sesame Lace Cookies that illustrated the story. These cookies were a holdover from Chang's days as a pastry chef, where she made these delicate, sesame dotted rounds to garnish bowls of ice cream and sorbet. Their elegant, lacy look and slightly savory flavor plays beautifully with creamy, frozen desserts. In the early days of the bakery customers would come in looking for the cookies featured in the paper, but eventually Chang and her staff realized that these cookies were a bit too fragile for the bakery. Lucky for all of us she's decided to share the recipe in her cookbook, Flour.

These cookies are nearly all sugar and butter which gives them their great crispy, crackly laciness. The brown and white sugar batter comes together in the stand mixer and needs to be refrigerated for several hours before being scooped out onto a lined cookie sheet. If not properly chilled, the dough can and will spread into a 12 x 18-inch sheet of solid lace cookies—delicious, yes, but not the best for serving. The black sesame seeds make these into really fantastic tea cookies, especially with a pot of smoky oolong.

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