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Chocolate 'Crack'

Editor's Note: You may know Alexandra Penfold as Brownie from the popular blog Blondie and Brownie. She'll be stopping by weekly, digging up long-lost classic desserts and regional favorites.


[Photograph: Alexandra Penfold]

With just five ingredients: saltine crackers, butter, brown sugar, vanilla and chocolate, this sweet and salty dessert couldn't be easier or more addictive. But beware, it's one of those low effort, high reward recipes that will have your friends, family and co-workers coming back for thirds.

I first encountered this crispy, crunchy bark-like treat at a cookie bake off. I don't even remember what recipe I entered, only that it took what seemed like an eternity to prepare and at the end of the day I was bested by a chocolate covered saltine cracker. Seriously? A cracker?! Wounded pride aside, one bite of this bark was pure bliss. The butter and brown sugar come together to create a rich caramel reminiscent of buttercrunch. Top that with chocolate and it's a winner for sure. Not to mention a must-make recipe to add to your own cookie arsenal.

Variations on this recipe abound. You can add slivered almonds, chopped pecans, pumpkins seeds or even bits of toasted coconut. You can also substitute matzo for the saltines to make a Passover treat. Whatever special touches you add to the recipe, one thing is certain, once you start, it's near impossible to stop eating it until every last morsel is gone.

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