[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]

When I studied in Florence, I learned a thing or two beyond Italian verb conjugations. I learned how to survive intense heat without an air conditioner, how to make a cheap meal out of free aperitivi at bars, and that apparently all my favorite gelato flavors are booze-inflected (Limoncello, Zuppa Inglese).

But perhaps most surprising was my newly discovered love for apricots. Of course I had eaten apricots before, mostly dried, but occasionally raw, and I always thought, "Meh. I'd rather have a peach." It turns out that I had never had a perfectly ripe apricot, which are golden with a blush of deep pink. Their flavor is deep, honeyed, and absolutely delicious.

And like other stone fruit, apricots are great for baking. Scones can be buttery and filling, perfect winter food, but these apricot scones are decidedly made for summer. Their texture is fluffy and light and they're loaded with fruit. If you're not an early riser, take heart: these are simple drop scones, meaning they're morning-assembly friendly and no biscuit cutters are required.

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