We Try The Triple Double Oreo


[Photo: Robyn Lee]

Forget Double Stuf. The new Triple Double Oreo goes where no sandwich cookie has gone before: double filling and triple cookie, with an interstitial layer a lá the Big Mac. Cookie, vanilla cream, cookie, chocolate cream, cookie. All in one bite.

But the real question, of course: how do they taste?

Frankly, as will not surprise anyone who's tasted the cookie's other incarnations—just like any other Oreo. The real wild card here is the chocolate filling, but in truth, it's hardly distinguishable from the normal kind; it's chocolate only in the very, very weakest, teaspoon-of-Hershey's-in-glass-of-milk way. If you couldn't see the color, you'd be unlikely to notice it was chocolate at all.


But why would you try new kinds of Oreo if you didn't want them to taste like Oreos? The whole appeal is the gimmick, and of course it's a fun one. I distinctly remember separating out cookies and cream to create double-decker Oreos as a kid (along with my personal specialty: the Quadruple Stuf); now they're just made for you.

It's just two Oreos' worth of cream, and with the addition of that third cookie, it really is the cookie element that dominates. So if you're a cream fiend, stick with the Double Stuf. Would rather up the cookie ratio, while keeping the Double Stuf's bulk? The Triple Double might be for you.


Find them in stores by mid-August.

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