Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Share Your Sweets: Desserts with Fresh Herbs

Perhaps all of you are using your backyard basil for Margherita pizzas and your mint for mojitos, but we didn't get a lot of submissions this week. Still, some gorgeous herby desserts from Rashmi P, Melissa W, and KarmaFree Cooking.

Next Week

Our theme for next week is CHOCOLATE. Yep. Send us your best cocoa-licious dessert, whether it's hot fudge or chocolate-dipped fruit, devil's food cake or Nutella brownies. The more indulgent, the better. Send us photos of your homemade desserts by Tuesday, August 2nd, and we'll feature them on Thursday the 4th.

If you're new to Share Your Sweets, take a peep at the rules here. A few notes: we can only take one submission per person, so pick your favorite (or the most recent shot) and send it in. Also, Share Your Sweets is for amateur bakers only; no pros or companies!

See you next Thursday!


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