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Sometimes I tell people that I like baking, but in reality I think I just like eating chocolate chip cookies, and the only way I can guarantee chocolate chip cookie-derived happiness is by baking them myself. Ad Hoc's chocolate chip cookie recipe is my go-to dessert for birthdays, parties, pot lucks, and the like—not to the point that I have it memorized, but it has the honor of being written on a small piece of paper taped to my refrigerator.

I chop up the chocolate bars in irregular chunks to get layers of chocolate in the cookies, not just chip-sized blops. Since I'm lazy, I skip the sifting in step two, and I start with room temperature butter because cold butter is damn annoying to mix. I also don't defrost the frozen dough before baking like it says in step four (I usually freeze the dough into balls instead of baking right away so I can split the dough-making and cookie-baking sessions, and so I can bake cookies on demand later), but stick it straight in the oven. The cookies are easy to make and come out awesome every time—crisp around the edge and soft in the middle.

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