A birthday pile of Salty Oat cookies. [Photo: Robyn Lee]

I can thank Teaism, the small teahouse chain based in D.C., for introducing me to the Salty Oat. After buying too many $14 six-pack sleeves of them (usually the Original, though they also have a chocolate version), it was time to finally attempt baking them myself.

DCist first published a recipe back in 2005, and then the blog Habeas Brulee tweaked that one a bit, getting rid of the rice flour (it's supposed to give them more crumble) and just sticking to all-purpose flour, and adding more raisins. That recipe is usually my go-to since I never seem to have rice flour lying around and am pro-raisins.

I also like Smitten Kitchen's twist with white chocolate, which even white chocolate naysayers gobble up. In fact, people who say they don't like raisins, oats, or cookies (eh, maybe the last category doesn't really exist) will like Salty Oats. It's really hard to go back to unsalted oatmeal cookies after one (or five!) of these.

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Habeas Brulee version (with raisins) »
Smitten Kitchen's version (with white chocolate) »


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