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My dad's favorite ice cream flavor is rum raisin; growing up, there was almost always a pint in the fridge (Häagen-Dazs was the preferred store brand, but the Juice Bar on Nantucket Island was his gold standard). As a result, I developed a taste for rum raisin ice cream about fifteen years before I developed a taste for rum.

I got my first ice cream maker sometime in elementary school, and ever since then, I've made my dad a batch of rum raisin ice cream for just about every Christmas, birthday, and Father's Day. He claims my version is the best he's ever had, which I think boils down to three factors: 1. It's homemade, which always adds appeal; 2. I'm his daughter; 3. There's a lot of rum in it. (The rum ratio has crept up over the years—ever since I've been allowed to pour it out myself. In elementary school, not so much.)

The alcohol keeps this ice cream nice and soft, scoopable even after a few days in the freezer; plenty of my earlier ice cream experiments froze a little too hard. I use Myer's Dark Rum, but have been thinking of branching out. Experimentation is a good thing.

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Rum Raisin Ice Cream


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