My first encounter with red bananas was a revelation. Also known as red dacca or Jamaican bananas, this variety is smaller and sweeter than the common yellow Cavendish banana. The peel is a deep purpley red (turning almost black when at their most ripe) and the flesh has the softest tint of pink. But what makes these bananas so special is their intense banana flavor and slight raspberry tang.


The best bananas to use in banana bread are those that are as ripe and sweet as possible, so it seemed obvious to swap in naturally amped-up red bananas. This variety is extremely popular in Central America, so I added another tropical fruit, the pineapple, which does double duty by adding flavor and moisture. The final twist on traditional banana bread is the addition of ground ginger: a little spice which pairs well with a cup of hot Colombian coffee in the morning.

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Red Banana Pineapple Bread ยป


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