[Photos: Robyn Lee]

We'd never tried Oreos with DQ Blizzard Creme until we came across a pack this week, when shopping for our chocolate sandwich cookie taste test. It's a curious idea: an Oreo whose cream is flavored like cream mixed with Oreo? Oreo-stuffed Oreo? A meta-Oreo? It kinda boggles the mind.


They had about the same filling-to-cookie ratio as a Double Stuf, which makes sense as the novelty's in the cream; nothing different about the cookies. But that filling is strange indeed. An Oreo Blizzard, vanilla ice cream with Oreos smashed in, is a tasty thing—the straightforward combination of those two flavors. But for whatever reason, this filling ends up tasting like packaged cake frosting. Really, really sweet cake frosting. Funfetti sweet.


Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of preference. More than one office visitor proclaimed them "awesome." Others kept nibbling on the traditional leftover Oreos and stayed far away from the Blizzards. Me, I think I like the idea of the Blizzard Oreo better than the cookie itself.


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