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Most summers it's the peaches and nectarines that have me making multiple trips to the farmers' market every week, but this year I'm all about the plums. The tiny mauve quarter-sized specimens, little football-shaped sugar plums, and deep purple black plums barely survive the three block long journey back to my house, there's just something about them this year, they're just so good. Luckily I managed to reserve a few from my latest haul for this Plum Gorgeous Almond Tart from Romney Steele's Plum Gorgeous. Knowing just how wonderfully stone fruit pairs with almond, I was just dying to try this plum-studded tart filled with brandy almond cream and plum jam.

Steele begins the recipe with a buttery sable crust that is enough for two tarts, so go ahead and toss the other half into the fridge or freezer for later use. Her sable is a fantastic base for any summer pie or tart; it's a sweet shortbread-like crust that comes together in a matter of minutes in the food processor and rolls out like a dream.

Once your crust is ready to go, a rustic almond cream is whizzed in the food processor and blended with whipped butter, sugar, and eggs. When poured over a thin layer of plum jam and dotted with halved plums, the tart bakes and the almond cream browns and puffs up creating sweet little plummy divots in a crackly, caramelized crust.

Steele says that you can easily make this gorgeous tart with summer berries or even poached pears or figs in the fall, but with plums this good, why bother?

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