Welcome to Serious Eats: Sweets!


Welcome, one and all, to Serious Eats: Sweets!

From the day we launched Serious Eats nearly five years ago, I've known that desserts and sweets would one day need their own home. After all, what follows up eats better than sweets? Since the beginning, we've honored our collective sweet tooth on this site, with unbeatable brownie recipes and an ice cream column and our months-long search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, with macaron-making tutorials and Kathy YL Chan's endless exploration of seemingly every dessert in New York.

So it's high time that we've given sweets their own corner of the site.

Under the eminently capable direction of current editors Carey Jones and Maggie Hoffman, with the rest of the Serious Eats editorial team you know and love, you'll get even more sweet content. Do you like to bake up breakfast treats like muffins and scones? There's a column for you. Afraid of your oven, but love eating ice cream? We've tracked down the best scoops in your city. Whether you love brownies or pastry, pies or candy, there's something on the site for you. And don't worry, health nuts. We'll dive into nature's own sweets too, with fruit-focused recipes we love.

What to expect? Weekly in-depth posts on baking technique from pastry chef Lauren Weisenthal. The occasional dessert-focused Food Lab. Our favorite sweets from Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and beyond. Latin sweets and gorgeous cakes from Maria del Mar Sacasa. Special guest posts from pastry chefs you know and love. Spotlights on regional sweets from around the country. And plenty of columns from familiar voices, like Scooped!, Serious Chocolate, Cookie Monster, and more.

At the top of the page, you'll see indexes by topic that make it easy to find the sweets that interest you most. There's a whole page dedicated to cookies, and another all about pies, tarts, crisps, and crumbles. If you're a chocoholic, you may want to bookmark the chocolate index...but it might not help your cravings. If you want to keep tabs on what we're up to and the sweet stuff going on behind the scenes, come 'like' us on Facebook and chat with us on Twitter.

We're excited to have you with us on our newest, sweetest journey. There's an awful lot to explore.

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