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Tea is my default winter sip, but once it gets oh my god it's too hot to sweat hot, I switch over to iced coffee. It's as refreshing as a cold shower, full-bodied without any sugar, and satisfying enough to keep me going.

The only thing that could make it better is a spin in an ice cream maker, with a splash of milk and sugar, which makes for a crisp, clean sherbet. I've taken to having a scoop or two for breakfast to help me through my mornings. The toasted, slivered almonds stirred in provide some crunch, as well as bringing out the buttery goodness of whole milk.

Sherbets occupy the space between ice creams and dairy-free sorbets. They contain milk but no eggs, and are light with just a bit of dairy body. This version has more in common with an Italian ice: light on milkfat but very full-flavored.

Since it has so little fat and not that much sugar, it will set up hard on you, so let it sit on the counter a good ten to fifteen minutes before serving. As anti-icing insurance, I added some powdered gelatin, but you could substitute half-and-half or heavy cream for the milk, if you want something on the creamier side.

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About the authors:

Ethan Frisch is the chef and co-mastermind behind Guerrilla Ice Cream. He's traveled around the world (30 countries, 5 continents) and worked as a pastry chef and line cook in some of NYC's great (and not so great) restaurants. He currently lives in London, where he really misses New York City tap water.

Max Falkowitz writes Serious Eats' weekly Spice Hunting column. He's a proud native of Queens, New York, will do just about anything for a good cup of tea, and enjoys long walks down the aisles of Chinese groceries.You can follow his ramblings on Twitter.

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