Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Los Angeles: 8 Ice Cream Sandwiches We Love

[Photographs: Katie Robbins unless otherwise noted]

We've been thrilled to notice that Los Angeles has been experiencing a kind of ice cream sandwich golden age, with glorious specimens popping up at bakeries, ice cream shops, and restaurants all around the city.

Like their savory counterparts, ice cream sandwiches come in many guises. Some are pre-constructed, made durable by time in the freezer. Others are scooped to order, with dozens of mix-and-match flavors of ice cream and cookies. Some sandwiches highlight the cookie base, others trumpet the glory of the ice cream. The rare 'wich gives equal attention to both.

After careful investigation, here are some of our favorites to keep you in sweet finger-licking reverie all summer long. Check them all out in the slideshow!

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