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I have a hard time believing that people don't like to eat certain foods, which is ridiculous because for the longest time I wouldn't touch meat. My father and I, for example, are in a constant battle in which he claims the merest pinch of red pepper is spicy, and I refuse to allow him to think that way and continue to prepare him spicy dishes which he hates.

So when it came out that a good friend of mine didn't like chocolate chip cookies, I was skeptical to say the least. Actually, the real scenario was thus: she came to my house bearing a batch of chocolate chip-less chocolate chip cookies and I had to stop myself from blurting out, "What in God's name are those white hockey pocks? Where are my chips and exactly what kind of shenanigans are you trying to pull?"

When my friend's birthday rolled around, I decided that I wanted to bake her cookies—obviously I couldn't just get her something I knew she'd actually like (say, earrings). And because I always assume people just don't like a certain dish because they haven't had a really good version, I brought her a batch of chocolate chip cookies, except that instead of chocolate chips I used chunks of Hershey's Skor, a chocolate covered toffee bar.

Thank heavens these cookies were a hit. To my credit, I knew the pieces of chocolate-covered toffee add much more than plain old chips. The toffee tastes of caramel, butter, and a hint of salt. I particularly like how the milk chocolate around the toffee begins to melt while the interior of the chunk stays nice and crunchy.

Best of all, these cookies are soft and almost fluffy, perfect for people who love the chip- free part of traditional chocolate chip cookies.

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