Vegan Chocolate Mocha Mousse

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Vegan Mocha Mousse


Though I don't have any particular dietary restrictions, I like trying [insert ingredient here]-free recipes from time to time to see if I like them. And if I don't, how I might be able to tweak them so I do. When I saw this chocolate mousse recipe posted on Scharffen Berger's website, I figured it'd be a good one to try. The procedure is insanely simple. All I really had to buy was the tofu.

It's a bummer when an ingredient like tofu gets a stereotypical bad rap, too. Granted, it's a little trickier to work into sweet applications, and you have to be a bit more inventive with technique, but the results can be quite tasty. Making fun of tofu for being hippie-food is so 20 years ago.

Simplicity aside, another appealing aspect of this recipe, and tofu in general, is versatility. The coffee definitely punches up the chocolate flavor, and makes it taste a little more sophisticated. But you could just as easily add some cayenne and a glug or two of dark rum. Or, switch out the maple syrup for honey and add some orange flower water. Or, well, you get the idea. The basic recipe is pretty damn good so it's posted here with only a couple minor tweaks.

So whether you're a vegan, omnivore, or anywhere in between, I encourage you to try something new and add a little more tofu to your dessert course.

There's plenty of time to try out that deep-fried bacon-wrapped Twinkie recipe next week.

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